Our Firm

Our mission is to help people achieve their lifetime dreams by helping them meet their objectives through a relationship built on trust, appropriate financial advice, and professional services.

We provide strategies designed to conserve and enhance our clients' wealth, helping them achieve their most important goals and assisting them in defining clear cut objectives while helping to properly organize their financial lives.  We then develop strategies to help our clients advance from where they are today to where they wish to be.

In other words, our focus is on enhancing the quality of our clients' lives.  Most people have the ability to manage their own financial affairs, but acknowledge that time is better spent enjoying life and doing what they do best.

The achievement of goals and dreams is contingent upon a sound comprehensive financial plan and the coordination of the following areas:

  • Accumulation/goal funding
  • Asset allocation
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Disability income planning
  • Education funding
  • Employee benefits analysis
  • Estate analysis and planning
  • Financial statements analysis
  • Life insurance/survivor needs analysis
  • Long term care planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax planning

Lighthouse Financial, LLC can help your long term investment objectives and build a personalized investment portfolio within your risk tolerance based on those objectives.  We are committed to helping you ride out short term market fluctuations by not losing sight of your long term objectives.  It is never a good idea to make permanent or long term decisions based on short term temporary circumstances.

Most people never plan to fail.  They simply fail to plan.